If you are looking for guidance on how to initiate a mediation session or on how to move a dispute to arbitration – our firm has the expertise and specialized knowledge to guide you through these multi-faceted processes. We will give you, or your company, careful guidance on which procedure would best suit your circumstances and ensure careful attention to all required documentation and restrictive time limitations. Disputes can be challenging, and if not handled in a professional and expedient way – can become costly and time consuming. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) should be considered as a valuable alternative to litigating in order to achieve timely and fair solutions to conflict issues. We deliver the best quality programs and services to meet all of your needs. Our goal is to stay on top of the industry’s new developments and investigate how best to use innovative ideas to assist our clients to a fair resolution of their disputes while avoiding the high costs of litigating. Our firm values honesty, transparency, and fair outcomes in every situation. We take our commitments very seriously and will respect you and your needs to ensure desired results are achieved in a timely and cost effective manner.